Schaf 600x800

Rocking Sheeps and Horses

Rocking animals with real fur or plush, wood and leather. Handmade in Germany.                   From maier.germany. Established in 1948, in third generation managed by owner. Sheeps Main products are the handmade life-sized sheeps in real skin with […]

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Borsten Bündel

Hair Brushes

Exclusive handmade hair brushes from the Blackforest.                 Brush maker Keller established in 1869 in Todtnau, Germany. Our speziell brushes with “Stirneinzug” technique Only a small number of experts are able to master the traditional technique known as […]

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4292-4 Silberspitz - Olive

Shaving Brush

Heinrich L. Thäter shaving brushes Since 1913 the Heinrich L. Thäter company produce hand made brushes.   For our shaving brushes we use badger hairs with the highest quality category “Silver tip”. The brush hair is tied in two stages in form, it is only […]

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iron mortar

Iron Mortar

Cast iron mortar made in Germany For the production of mortar and pestle, 1,300 degrees hot, liquid iron is poured into a casting-mold. After cooling, the finished parts are removed from the molds. The mortar base  is made of  concrete and provided with a rubber […]

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brief case


Exclusive Briefcase traditionally handmade in Germany.  The Briefcase can be adjusted in all areas of your desire.   The selection of leather and colors is almost unlimited. The case is made ​​of 100% by hand.  Presented by Klassischer Aktenkoffer, traditionell gefertigt mit Kern aus Massivholz […]

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vallet stand walnut

Valet Stand

Handcrafted valet stand from walnut or pear tree. The designer has placed great emphasis on a simple classic design language. The solid wood comes from the southern Black Forest and was processed with high level of craftsmanship. The parts will be serrated on small circular […]

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