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Hair Brushes

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Exclusive handmade hair brushes from the Blackforest.

Löcher Bohren Handarbeit Detail E Stirneinzugsverfahren Eingespannt Detail Bürste Stirneingezogen Olivenholz









Brush maker Keller established in 1869 in Todtnau, Germany.

Our speziell brushes with “Stirneinzug” technique

Only a small number of experts are able to master the traditional technique known as “Stirneinzug”.  This method involves boring the bristle holes manually and drawing strong wild boar bristles into the precious brush bodies, bunch after bunch. The expert from Keller’s has been master of this art for more than 40 years. His expertise and passion create exclusive rarities in the brush world.

The bristles will be from wild boar hair, horse hair, goat hair, various vegetable fibers or synthetic bristles.

For the brush body we use different sort of wood, e.g. thermo wood, olive wood or ebony.
All operations, from raw wood to finished brush are performed in-house.

1099_34_40 Föhnbürste halbrund Ebenholz Stirneingezogen








Kopfkardatsche Frei







When you are interest in exclusive brushes, please contact Keller Brushes

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