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Rocking Sheeps and Horses

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Rocking animals with real fur or plush, wood and leather. Handmade in Germany.

412.16 Schaukelschaf Fell 22.05.2010-1 Schwarze Echtfellgruppe




Rocking horsePlüschpferd, Lederzaumzeug.1.







From maier.germany. Established in 1948, in third generation managed by owner.


Main products are the handmade life-sized sheeps in real skin with plush or real fur.

The animals are outdoor suitable.

Outdoor Kiefer Echfellschafgruppe braunes Fell Ausschnitt


Different sheeps in life-size, colours and postition. Or as rocking sheep.




sheep moss Our sheeps will be exposed in worlds best design-shops, for example the x-mas decoration in mass store, New York.


For small rooms or small gardens are our lambs, as well in different colours and postition.

412.18 Rutschlamm 2010-1-1Outdoor Kiefer Echtfell Lamm braun 412.17 Schaukellamm 22.05.2010 -1

 Rocking Horses

With the rocking horses the mair Company startet his production in the late 1940’s

wooden rocking horse leather saddle Schaukelpferd leder sattel303.40 Holzpferd mit Sitzring.1. 302.35 Holzschaukelpferd, Zaumzeug 175.00 Schaukelpferd Fell

Classic wooden rocking horses, with a real mane or the horses covered with plush. As high end special covered with real fur.

 Presented by Maier Germany

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